From faith to fashion

The word 'Garba' is derived from 'Garbha Deep', a lamp, which is placed inside a perforated earthen pot or Garba. The pot is illuminated by the lamp placed inside it, which represents embryonic life. The folk dance preformed by both men and women on the nine nights of Navratri symbolizes the worship of Goddess Jagdamba(Durga). While the days are filled with devotion towards the deity, the nights are vibrant, wonderful reflecting the festive spirit at its peak. The traditional Garba is a dance form which includes series of steps that include spinning, some hand-clapping and sweeping of the arms. Having a beautiful history full of spiritual value, this Gujarat-originated dance has been slowly becoming more of a fashion show and social gathering. Navratri festival has been caught up in the social aspect of this occasion. Garba is for our own Pure Selves and for what we want to become!

Dancing to free our emotions.

Role of Abhivyakti

Abhivyakti has played a great role in bringing up the uniqueness of this dance form by creating innovation, creativity and the happy moments. People anxiously wait for this annual event and indulge themselves enthusiastically in the preparation for the same. Be it the costumes, or jewellery or the dance rehearsal , every single detailing is considered by the people passionate for this dance form.

Abhivyakti Garba

Unity in Diversity

Garba, a festival of music and dance is enjoyed by all communities, all age groups and in all cities all over the world. No one cares about the status level, either rich & poor. All you need is the determination and devotion towards Goddess Durga. The only thing constant here in this world is the Goddess, an unmoving symbol in the midst of unending and infinite movement. This is the only cycle followed throughout the world. Nobody in this world has changed it, nor no one from this world has escaped from the cycle. The rich and the poor follow the same, there is no caste, no discrimination, no religion, no nationality, for this cycle of life.


Garba Mythology

Garba is a joyful type of Indian dance that has a very deep historic beginning. The Garba songs are usually in regards to this idol, and thus, people are paying their respects with prayers and devotion to this Holiness. It is believed that while you're dancing, Dev / Devis are present as they are enjoying the music, prayers and pure Bhaavs everyone is sending their way. Through Garba, we are asking for strength to become like these Goddess and you surrender everything you have to the Lord.


Meaningful Garba

99% of people come to dance for other reasons than dancing: To get healthier, enhance their social life or meet new people and friends, to find maybe a life partner, enhance their fitness level or loose weight. If you want to escape into joy or de-stress, then dancing is a perfect way to lift vibration and chase away the blues! Dandiya Raas/Garba is an energetic and playful dance form providing opportunity for acting and exchanging messages through eye contact. We can connect to our spirit and the Spirit that connects us all. Garba gives you a platform to release fear, shyness, judgments and we are just in the moment-mind, body, emotions and soul are all One.