Abhivyakti story

A centre of creativity with a purpose

It seems like yesterday when our director had met the Rang Milan team Shikari Brothers in 1998. That was the time when the seeds of Abhivyakti Garba Mahotsav were sown 19 years back . First batch started with 340 students and training used to happen in Abhivyakti branch MP Nagar Bhopal with main event in Campion School. As the number of students kept on increasing old Campion ground became a small place to dance. During its 10th year, main Abhivyakti event used to happen in Subhash School with its theme as "Abhivyakti apne bhavyatam swaroop me. Since then there is no end to the way this gala event is getting bigger every year.

Abhivyakti Garba Mahotsav

Today it is like through ‘Abhivyakti Garba Mahotsav’ Navratri dance festival has gone global. People from Bhopal, Indore and Jaipur wait for complete year for this festival. Abhivyakti Garba Mahotsav is a community in itself wherein people are connected since last 19 years and this community is increasing in size every year. Abhivyakti has seen young girls getting married becoming mothers and coming back to the same event with their children. Its actually overwhelming to see the kind of relatedness it has created in all the 3 centers Bhopal, Indore & Jaipur.

From group’s perspective , there is an spiritual angle to the whole event. This event is really close to the heart of the DB group. Money earned from Abhivyakti is used for charity reasons. Religious ceremony is personally done by Mrs Jyoti Agarwal daily including the prayers offered to  5 statues of Ganpati across the Abhivyakti ground. Passion and love involved in organising this show is the main reason behind its huge success. It’s surprising but true that Abhivyakti Garba Mahotsav has same team of Decorators, Sound System, Tent, Stage Artist, DJ and trainers since last 19 years

Our Journey

Garba, Garba mahotsav, Garba mahotsav Bhopal


Abhivyakti in Bhopal, Indore, Jaipur

7000+ participants

In 2016
Garba, Garba mahotsav, Garba mahotsav Bhopal


Abhivyakti opened its branch in Jaipur

In 2014
Garba, Garba mahotsav, Garba mahotsav Bhopal


Abhivyakti Apne Bhavtam Swaroopa Mai

1200 Students - Bhopal
800 Students - Indore

In 2008
Garba, Garba mahotsav, Garba mahotsav Bhopal


Starting of Indore Center

In 2002
Garba, Garba mahotsav, Garba mahotsav Bhopal


Practice for Garba started at MP Nagar Abhivyakti Center and Campion Ground Bhopal

340 Student

In 1998